The Little Puddle – Pip and Posy

Axel Scheffler

Nosy Crow

Pip and Posy is a new series of books for the little ones in our lives who are learning the big lessons.  In The Little Puddle, Pip is playing over at Posy’s house.  They are having so much fun he forgets he needs to do a wee.  Then there is a little puddle.  Oh dear.  Nevermind, we all have accidents sometimes and next time Pip needs to wee he uses the potty all by himself.  Well done Pip!

Pip and Posy – The Little Puddle is bright and attractively created by the illustrator of The Gruffalo.  Very appealing to busy toddlers who enjoy the gorgeous colours and characters.  Perfectly age appropriate with Pip and Posy enjoying the very same activities your own children might love.  Lots of things to spy on each page as you share the story or your little Miss or Master flick through the pages on their own. 

 If you are looking for a great book or series of books for toddlers that cover toddler topics I recommend Pip and Posy.  For toileting The Little Puddle is just as sweet as can be.

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall


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