The Super Scooter – Pip and Posy

Axel Scheffler

Nosy Crow

In this edition of Pip and Posy they explore friendship and manners. 

Pip has a cool scooter!  When Posy sees the scooter she wants to have it.  But she does not ask or wait her turn.  Instead she snatches it away and scoots off quickly.  This makes Pip cross.  But when Posy falls off the scooter hurting her knee Pip comes to care for her.  Posy says sorry and the two are best of friends again. 

Another great story from Axel Scheffler to help toddlers along on their big growing up journey.  Social skills are not always easy to pick up and The Super Scooter is a great book to sit down with and talk about how Pip and Posy feel and what is happening.  Beautifully presented, lots of things to point at and name.  Delightful and simply worded.  Impossible to resist.

See also The Little Puddle – Pip and Posy.

Keep an eye out for the Pip  and Posy series, guaranteed to please!

A Bug in a Book recommended review.

Angela Hall

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