The Wounded Falcon – Adventure Gamebook

J.P. Barnett

Wombat Books

You are about to embark on a fantasy adventure in which YOU are the main character.  The Choices that you make as you read will determine your ultimate success or failure.

The Wounded Falcon is not your ordinary adventure story.  Part game, part book you have some control over the outcome.  You need a couple of things for this adventure; pencil, paper, eraser and a die.

I thought choose your own adventure type stories were a thing of my childhood and I am happy to see that The Wounded Falcon has introduced them back again.  The Wounded Falcon as with any adventure gamebook is for children who might be a bit more hands on, who may need a bit more spice to find interest in a book or who simply likes a challenge.  I confess I managed to either die or had my Falcon die three times in the first 15 minutes of attempting the adventure. 

The Wounded Falcon is a story of YOU and your trained hunting falcon.  You head into the bush with your father to take your falcon on an expedition where depending on the path you take a series of dangers arise and threaten her life.  Can you do better than me and successfully make it through the adventure alive?  I bet you can. 

This gamebook requires a bit of thinking and calculating with the points system.  There is a lot of thumbing back and forth through the pages which have brief descriptive paragraphs to keep you in the scene.  Not for everyone, definitely for those with an adventurous soul who are up for a challenge.

Great to have the Gamebook back!

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall


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