Nanna’s Storm

Vicki Griffin & Vicky Duncan

Black Ink Press

Nanna’s storm is based in a dry, dusty part of Australia.  The indigenous residence haven’t seen rain for years.  The young children have never seen rain at all. 

I love a wholly Australian book.  I love a story that crosses generations, and I have a soft spot for cheeky Nanna’s too. 

Nanna’s Storm is told from Nanna’s perspective rather than being about Nanna which is common in children’s books.  I think this is a good thing as it puts the child reader in a perspective they are not used to. 

While at Nanna’s, a storm thunders and brews overhead.  The twin girls of merely five years have not experienced a storm before and are afraid of the noise and the strange weather.  Nanna comforts the girls and encourages them into the bathtub for safety which she tells them is a game of hide and seek with the rain.  This becomes a bit of a fun adventure with everyone in the bath hiding under towels snacking on berries and juice.  Eventually they all fall asleep.  When they awake they are in an old bath in the middle of a field surrounded by sunflowers.  Was the storm really that bad that it blew the house away or carried them bath and all into the field? Maybe Nanna is up to her tricks!

Nanna’s storm made me smile, giggle and laugh out loud.  What a wonderful Nanna. 

Join Nanna in her rich Australian earth colours, cheeky fun, close family bond across generations and see out the storm.  I swear I can almost smell the rain on parched soil.

Nanna’s Storm suits middle grade children and is predominately targeted for indigenous children but I think it should be read by all.  A book for home and the classroom.  I would love to see this book in the classroom as I think there are great topics to be explored.  Such as our Australian indigenous communities. 

Have you got a cheeky Nanna?


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