Into the Egg – Guest Review

Adi Firth
Read Green Publications

Reviewed by Amanda Kromhout.  Early childhood professional and Mummy to be.

A funny light-hearted way of looking at being pregnant.
I found myself laughing and enjoying each page which left
me wanting more, especially towards the end, wanting to know how Adi was dealing with a new baby.
Being pregnant myself I felt as though I was experiencing and had experienced the same feelings and fears, and giggling about some of the silly things that we had in common, including other people’s opinions.
I found myself reading the book to my partner and in some instances
it left him giggling.
An easy to read comic strip that was enjoyable, if you’re pregnant and want
to laugh about the lighter side of pregnancy, this would be a good
book to read. 🙂

A Bug in a Book guest review.

Amanda Kromhout

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