Bindi –Wildlife Adventures – Books 13,14,15 & 16.

Ellie Browne, Jess Black

Random House Australia

RRP $9.95 ea

A Bug in a Book review by Rachel Mason.


As soon as you hear that word, You can’t help but think about Australia’s
own  excitable, nature & wildlife
loving , Steve Irwin!

His passion for preserving wildlife , is shared amongst his family. His wife
Terri, Daughter Bindi, and son Robert.

Bindi, who grew up watching her father wrestle crocodiles and rescuing
endangered animals , has now got her very own line of books where she shares
her own adventures of her encounters with wildlife all around the world!!
These books are set out in a way that both educates, and entertains young
readers (9 – 14)!

Book 13 – Jail Break

ISBN: 9781864718300


Imprint:Random House Australia


Subject:Child Fiction : Independent Readers

The first book i read in the series, was called “Jail Break” . Bindi and
her family are in Tasmania, Australia , to raise awareness about DFTD (Devil
Facial Tumour Disease) in the form of a special fundraising Concert!

While Bindi is all about raising awareness for the endangered species,
her friends are more interested in boys, in particular “ Adam Starr” a young celebrity,
who is also meant to be involved in the concert, but more for the money than
for the love of The Tasmanian Devil!

Bindi finds herself frustrated , that people are more interested in Adam Starr
(including himself) than they are about the cause but what can she do to show
them all just who is more important!

Just as Bindi is ready to throw up her hands and give up, The devils escape
from their enclosure, and it’s a race against the clock, to get them back, in
time for their special appearance on the concert stage!!!

I found parts of this story quite endearing, and funny and wondering “how is
Bindi gonna pull this off!”

Book 14 – Snow Monkey Mischief

ISBN: 9781864718317


Imprint:Random House Australia


Subject:Child Fiction : Independent Readers

This delightful little story is set in the breathtaking snowy mountain
countryside of Nagano, Japan.

Bindi is visiting her friend Emi, who’s mother is a primatologist
(person who studies monkeys).

Together the young girls set out, to take photos of the native Macaques
(snow monkeys), so they can study their behaviour in the wild.

After discovering strange blue markings on the face of one of the monkeys,
Bindi and Emi decide to follow them  to find out what the blue stuff is!

Not knowing if it’s dangerous to the monkeys or not, It’s up to the girls to
find the furry little guys, before it’s too late!

The description of the scenery in this book is fantastic, and you feel
like you are actually there, alongside Bindi and Emi..shivering as they run
through the snow covered forests, and amazed at the steaming hot springs that
are found all over the place!

Book 15 –  Bears Beware

ISBN: 9781864718324


Imprint:Random House Australia


Subject:Child Fiction : Independent Readers

This Story is set in Alaska, otherwise known as the “Emerald Isle”, for
its majestic green landscape of forests, rolling fields and sparkling  crystal clear lakes and rivers.

Bindi is on holidays , staying with her friend Katrina and her family.

The girls are anxious about seeing the Great Kodiak Bears which inhabit
the island! But when they set out on their hike in the snowy  landscape to find their beloved bears, they come across something that chills Bindi even more than the blustery cold winds around her – HUNTERS!!!!

In an effort to stop the hunters from killing the bears, Bindi and Katrina
devise a plan, which sees them land in perilous danger!

While Bindi tries to save the bears – she winds up needing some saving of her

Book 16 – Rhino Safari

ISBN: 9781864718331


Imprint:Random House Australia


Subject:Child Fiction : Independent Readers

Bindi and her family go to South Africa , to help translocate a young southern
white rhino, named Gugu  (which means “national treasure” in Zulu) to go live with her mum and 4 other Rhino’s in a national park in Mozambique.

With the precious cargo up ahead , Bindi rides in a jeep along with her young
brother Robert,and a lady named Mbala across the dusty desert tracks of
Kwazulu- Natal.

When their jeep suddenly gets a blow out ,causing them to stop to fix the tyre
– the jeep containing the Rhino continues until it’s no longer in site.

Knowing the road block is not far off, the crew figure they will be waiting for
them at the road block so think nothing of it.

It’s not until they get to the roadblock themselves, when they begin to
worry about what has become of the other jeep,and especially Gugu!!

A beaut little book that will keep you glued to your seat,and turning the pages, to find out what’s in store for Bindi and Gugu the young white rhino!

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