Mole Hunt – The Maximus Black Files

Paul Collins

Ford Street Publishing

ISBN – 9 781 921 665 2 64

Publication Date – June 2011

Extent – 346 pages

Price – AUD $19.95

Category – Science Fiction

Age Guide – 12+


Mole Hunt is set in the future.  A future which makes the present seem like the dark ages. Intergalactic travel is the norm. Humanity is just another part of an array of varying alien and interplanetary species. Weaponry and technology is so far advanced it is beyond the imaginings of us normal folk, except Paul Collins of course who created the immense galactic realm.  What an exceptional creation it is!


RIM the galactic law enforcement agency is scarcely managing to control order within the highly tense underworld of power-hungry companies, greedy gangs and individuals with personal plans of gain with no holds barred.  If you want to get anywhere or be something special in this world you have to be smart, know your stuff and take full advantage of what is available in this environment filled with endless possibilities.  Maximus Black is smart.  He is also the star cadet at RIM.  There is someone else at RIM who is creating a stir though, Anneke Longshadow.  She has the guts and the intelligence to get the job done even if she has to break a few rules here and there to do so.  She also knows there is a mole.  No mole is going to take that threat lying down.


What follows is an incredible action packed to-ing and fro-ing of hunt or be hunted.  Delve into the spy/agents mind as they try to out think each other, expect the unexpected (or is that what they would expect you to do?) and challenge their physical and mental abilities for, in the moles case personal gain, and in Anneke’s case revenge?


I love these characters!  They are a great match up for just such a war.  I particularly like that there is such strong male and female characters, and while this book is aimed at boys I believe there are a great many girls out there that would enjoy this too if they look outside the box and give it a chance.  I wouldn’t normally pick up a sci-fi myself, but this book is so much more than the exceptional galaxy and space age technology it is abundant with.  Which I might add is really impressive!

The true grit in Mole Hunt is the challenges faced by the characters, their rivalry and personal journeys for their causes.


Mole Hunt is a thrill from start to finish.  I am so glad it is the first of a trilogy!! That means there is so much more to come.  I look forward to Dyson’s Drop (book two in The Maximus Black Files).


I can’t help but think what an awesome movie The Maximus Black Files  would make.


Paul Collins is available for school visits and conferences.
He is also the author of seven titles in the successful fantasy series
The Quentaris Chronicles, The Jelindel Chronicles, The Earthborn Wars trilogy,
The World of Grrym trilogy (with Danny Willis), The Spell of Undoing,
Dragonlinks, also The Glasshouse.  If you are not familiar with Paul Collins after that snippet of the list of accomplishments you had better go get yourself a copy of Mole Hunt and fix that because you are missing out!


Mole Hunt is a battle of wits that refuses to be put down. 


A Bug in a Book recommended read. Reviewed by Angela Hall.

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