Nim’s Island – Movie Storybook.

Silje Swendsen
Adapted By Sonia Sander.

Scholastic Inc.

13: 978-0-545-06576-4

Price : $13.99
Ages: 6-8, 9 +
Type: Hardback Picture Books

First printed. April 2008

A Bug in a Book Review By Vicki Griffin.


It’s not often I come across a book that represents the movie in its true form; Nim’s Island is this book. Predominately targeted for middle aged children it is an adventure story with a lot of positive messages throughout. Set in a location that the world does not know about on an isolated island allows Nim to read and the characters from her books become her friends that she has many imaginary adventures with. The story is told from Nim’s perspective which suits this story as children can relate to her feelings and actions.

Nim and her father a scientist live on the island and are the only human inhabitants this allows Nim to explore and have animals as her friends. Such as an iguana named Fred and a big sea turtle called Chica. The animals give the story a sense of belonging and the character of Nim enforces that sense of belonging through her love of her animals.

However she also loves to read and occasionally a ship comes to the island dropping off much needed supplies and her favourite books by the author Alex Rover, who writes adventures.

Nim’s father has to go away for two days and sets sail whilst Nim starts up an email friendship with the author of her favourite book. A storm hits and Nim is injured, alone and scared and unbeknown to her, her father is also in trouble.

The pace is fast and kept my attention especially when Jack her father is pelted by winds out at sea during a ferocious storm. Nim sees his small boat out at sea and jumps on Selkie her sea lion friend to save her father only it wasn’t her father but Alex the author who turns out to be Alexandra. The character of Nim is believable and I found myself feeling for her when she was alone and hurt.

A happy ending prevails and Nim ends up with what she has always wanted a family who lives happily ever after on Nim’s island.

The photography throughout the book adds to the adventure as it is set out in a simple straight forward format and gives a real sense of being on Nim’s Island.  Children 8-10 would love this book and it also teaches children about the wonderful creatures of the sea in a fun way. This book would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library
especially if the child has seen the movie and wants to have a memento.

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