The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Liz Pichon.

Scholastic Australia.

ISBN: 978 1407 12069 0

Release date July 2011.

RRP $15.99

A Bug in a Book  Review by Vicki Griffin.

Middle aged children. 7-12 years old.


‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gates’ is a funny book about a boy named Tom Gates and his life at school and at home. At school he likes a girl named Amy but it’s obvious she thinks he is a silly boy! The format has been set out as a fun read for children and makes it quite easy to read. The cover is eye catching especially for children as it depicts words such as ‘beady eyes’ that’s me and read it!’ Who could resist picking up this book? With big capital letters in bold, bubbles for some of the children speaking and drawings throughout make it a fun read!

Parts of ‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gate’s is set out in ‘diary form’ with each day
at school or flashbacks from Tom’s perspective when his family went camping. It
is filled with all the grouse stuff children relate to like bringing snakes to school, letters being sent home to parents, forging notes from parents and the obvious, getting detention from his teacher for drawing a not so flattering picture of his teacher. This is a fun book every child can enjoy boys and girls.

The character of Tom is very believable and I found myself laughing out loud as he continued to annoy his older sibling Delia doing what younger brothers do. The storyline follows Tom through school and his home life and ultimately to the best day of his life when he gets to perform in the school concert.  However he forgets to tell his parents about it and it turns out it’s the same night Delia is bringing her boyfriend home to meet the family.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is a fun read set out simply so that children can look at the pictures as well as reading the different fonts used. It is funny and down to earth and I had a great laugh! I would give this book four stars and recommend it for middle age readers or for children who are having trouble reading.

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