Alice Bliss

Laura Harrington

Pan Macmillan Australia


Pub. Date:

Modern & Contemporary Fiction

$32.99 AUD

Alice Bliss is a story of first love, ripe emotions, family, love, loyalty and dysfunction.

We join 15 year old Alice on her journey when her father leaves to go off to fight in a modern day war. The family left behind struggle to come to terms with the hole his departure has left in their lives. They each cope as best they can, each in their own way. Alice just wants to keep things the same, and do things like her dad would have. But things just aren’t going to stay as they were. They cant.

Alice Bliss was beautifully written by the talented Laura Harrington, who already has award winning plays, musicals, opera’s and radio plays have been produced widely through out Canada and the US. It seems that Alice Bliss will be sure to put her on the map as a novelist too.

As an ‘older’ reader, Alice Bliss evoked memories from my own teen years, the fears, confusion, self consciousness and naivety as well as those many beautiful and
treasured moments with family friends and loved ones. In saying that, I am
positive that the younger readers will find themselves relating also with Alice Bliss.

When I read a story, I like to get lost between the pages. Alice’s journey certainly allowed me to do that. I think I would have enjoyed this story as much at 15 as I did today.


A Bug in a Book review by Kelly McDonald.

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