Jade and El-Sea

J.W. Dickinson
Sandra Temple
ISBN- 978-1-921633-24-9
Date Published- April 2011
RRP $18.95

Jade, whose mother is the Guardian of the Mountain of Fire, has been hiding in his cave ever since she died over 80 years ago and little does he know that his world is about to change dramatically. El-Sea a stubborn penguin comes knocking on his door asking for his help to fulfil a prophecy Jade has no idea he plays a massive part in. Without his help, El-Sea, her queen mother and the world they live in will not survive for much longer. The ice is melting, the song of the land almost drowned in the rising sea.

With an army made up of penguins, polar bears and of course Jade, will this
be enough to fight off an evil army of Drolves, an animal that was borne when
wild dogs and wolves bred, and their mysterious keepers, a race of things that
wear long, dark cloaks and don’t seem to have a body to fill them.

This is one of those ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ books. I was a bit
hesitant at first as I’m not much of a dragon person, but as I read on I found
that it isn’t a full on dragon book.  I was quite surprised as to how much I enjoyed the book and it’s storyline as it was so magical and captivating that I had trouble putting the book down and had to read on to see what happened next.

It is also a book that brings forward the effects of climate change and how the ever-changing environment impacts the south pole and similar regions.  Although it is a fantasy novel, it does still create an awareness without sounding boring or rambling on about it. I was very impressed with how J.W. Dickinson has written the book so that you are being educated while you are lost in the ambience of the story.

It also has a little bit of humour in between the seriousness that I had a chuckle over which helps the book flow, I feel that if the story is too serious that readers would lose interest and wouldn’t give ‘Jade and El-Sea’ the time of day.

I enjoyed this book quite a lot and look forward to more great novels by
Australian Author, J.W. Dickinson.

A Bug in a Book review by Kerrin Bagshaw.

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