The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That – Series

Author- Tish Rabe
Illustrator- Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu and Christopher Moroney
I Love the Nightlife

Meet some wonderful nightlife in the fun adventure book ‘I Love the
Nightlife’  Cat-in-the-Hat is back with Nick and Sally as they all set out to find Cat’s old striped hat, but when it’s dark how will they find their way around? Luckily they have some help from some unique nocturnal animal friends who will help them find their way.

I love reading the Dr. Suess books because not only are the illustrations so unique but the rhymes are so much fun. I found while reading this book I started reading along in a rhythm as though I was reading to someone else.  This book and the series it is part of is great for kids who are just starting to read as they are so educational. The font in the book is large and clear so it will enable the reader to read them all with ease.  ‘I Love the Nightlife’ is part of a new series of books called ‘The Cat-in-the-Hat knows a lot about that and was based on a script by Shawn Kalb as it is a new TV series and was adapted by Tish Rabe to be made into books that come with glow-in-the-dark stickers!

Author- Tish Rabe

Illustrator- Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu

ISBN- 978-0-857-51040-2

Now You See Me

Nick and Sally are having trouble playing Hide-and-Seek as they keep finding each other so easily. Luckily Cat-in-the-Hat saves the day by taking
them to the jungle to meet a good friend of his, Gecko, who is very good at hiding. So, with a little advice from the greatly camouflaged gecko and a
helping hand from Thing 1 and Thing 2, Nick and Sally are ready to go.

A fun rhyme book that is just great for kids and beginner readers. The book looks like it’s long but that is so it can fit in all the extra large font and
magnificent illustrations to help first time readers. All the books are so imaginative and well though of, it’s amazing what you can create from our everyday life and turn it into something that kids will be thinking of even after they finish the book.

I’m definitely adding ‘I Love the Nightlife’ and the rest of the series to
my daughters bookcase for when she is ready to read.

Author- Tish Rabe

Illustrator- Christopher Moroney


How Wet Can You Get?

Nick and Sally are on another wet and wild adventure with Cat-in-the-Hat.  After playing in muddy puddles all day Sally realises that they need to get clean, but how? All hope is not lost when Cat flies right into a puddle of mud in the Thinga-ma-jigger ready to take them on a ride around the world to see just how uniquely the animals stay clean.

It doesn’t matter how many Dr.Suess books I read, the rhymes will never get old because they are age appropriate and educational. I read them to my daughter and she just loved the pictures because they are bright and colourful and as I was reading the books I just loved how the illustrations enhanced the story as it went along.

This is another book that has free fun stickers which was more excited about than my daughter. That’s ok, at least my room will look really cool!

Looking forward to more great stories and fantastic illustrations from the
rest of these absolutely magical books.

Author-Tish Rabe

Illustrator- Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu

ISBN- 978-0-857-51041-9

Show Me The Honey

After running out of honey, it seems Nick and Sally might not have any breakfast, even Cat-in-the-Hat has none in his tall hat, only an invitation to
Queen Bee Priscilla Buzzoo’s Dance-all-day celebration. To be allowed into the hive they first have to dress up like bee’s, and with the help of Thing 1 and Thing 2, they are soon shrunk by the Shrinkamadoodle they on their way and hoping that Queen Priscilla will solve their problems. Before they know they are meeting the Queen, dancing and having fun all the while being educated about the high importance of bees.

Out of the four books that I reviewed, this one is he longest so I would recommend it to a more advanced reader but it was still fun to read.

I’ve actually grow really fond of these new educational books as they are
still the same wacky rhymes but now the stories are more focused on teaching
children about nature and the big wide world.

‘Show Me the Honey’ even me saying “Is that true?” when they were explaining how and where the honey is made. It just goes to show that you can write fun AND educational books for children without them losing interest or losing the whole point to the story.

I was really pleased with this book and hopefully you will be too.

Author-Tish Rabe

Illustrator- Christopher Moroney

ISBN- 978-0-857-50142-6


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