The Emerald Atlas

John Stephens

Random House

ISBN: 9780857530196

RRP $24.95

Imprint:Doubleday Children’s


Subject: Child Fiction : Independent Readers

The Emerald Atlas is the first instalment of an adventurous trilogy filled with mystical creatures and fantasy worlds.


After being taken from their beds in the middle of the night. Kate, Emma and Michael have no idea that their life is about to take a very big turn, and after 10 years of living at several orphanages, they find themselves at a very strange orphanage with no children except for themselves. With nothing else to do, they decide to explore to find out the reason for there being no children. But things aren’t all they seem.


Across the room Michael raised his camera. Just as he snapped the picture, he heard Kate behind him, saying something like “Oh no”.
He’d taken a picture of an old book  he’d found on the desk. It was bound in green leather and all the pages were blank.
As Michael reached down with Abraham’s photo, Kate took hold of his arm.  She was saying something. Something about a dream she’d had. But the instant Abraham’s photo touched the blank page, the floor disappeared beneath their feet.


I really enjoyed reading this novel because it was a very well written story and was beautifully described. It captured me from the first chapter. I’m
not usually one to choose a fantasy type novels for a casual read but ‘The
Emerald Atlas’ was a very wise exception.  The whole time I was reading the book, it was quite hard to put down as I was so curious to what was going to happen next.  John Stephens has presented a book for kids to get lost in and join the adventure.


I have to give John a thumbs up for writing the book in a way that enabled
all the events to flow into one another (as there is a bit of time warping
involved but) not once did I find myself confused or skipping back pages to work
out what happened which, as we all know, is very annoying.


As this is the first book of the series, I am ever so eager to read the
next one (and the one after that) because it is such a great read.  Hope you enjoy ‘The Emerald Atlas’ as much as I did.




A Bug in a Book review by KerrinBagshaw.


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