Where she went

Gayle Forman
Doubleday Children’s/ Random House

ISBN- 978-0-857-53028-8

Date of Publish- April 1st 2011

RRP- $24.95

Target Audience- YA

Adam and Mia were the perfect couple all the way up until her car accident where she lost her family. Playing her cello helped her recover but she was never quite the same.  Without warning, Mia left Adam and the town she grew up in to pursue her career, he was left wondering why.  After living the high life as a rock star Adam has it all but he still feels like something is missing and isn’t quite sure what until Mia is in town one night to perform her cello concert, he cannot stop himself from seeing her. He doesn’t want to talk, just to hear her voice and maybe see what three years has made her look like but he gets more than he bargained for when she calls him backstage to talk to him first.

When one thing leads to another, fate takes them on the ride of their lives in one magical but confusing night. Adam isn’t sure if it is just tonight or is she here to stay for good.

Where She Went is a fantastic story about two people who are in love, which lets face it, is the majority of us, so straight away after starting this book, you find a connection to it. We have all had our hearts broken and had forbidden love that has made us who we are today and this book helps you re-create those memories with every turn of a page.

Most of the time I was reading this book was in bed and it made me more relaxed and before I knew it an hour or so went by without me even knowing, it’s so easy to get lost in the story.

This is a beautiful, down to earth, love story that had me reading more jut to see how it ended. Author of the international bestseller ‘If I Stay’ Gayle Forman has written another great book to curl up with a blanket and fall in love with.

A Bug in a Book review by Kerrin Bagshaw.

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