The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee

Adam Wallace

Jojo Publishing

ISBN: 9780 9804 9506 5

RRP: $15.00

It is true, this book does have everything.  Except giraffes.  It doesn’t have any giraffes.  Sad, but never mind I will get over it.

The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee really gives you a kick in the pants and make you stop feeling sorry for yourself; because you have chores to do, the cat ate your gym socks or you have to babysit that snotty toddler down the road.  Worry no more, it could be worse!

Pete McGee is a scrawny 12 year old who comes from a poor home that he shares with his very wonderful but sick mother.  The king is evil (and not very bright) and cares for nothing but himself creating a kingdom of pretty fed up people.  Pete has impossible dreams of becoming a great knight.  Oh, and he only has one arm.  Despite all the above Pete is a good natured sort, he doesn’t let things get to him too much and enjoys the simple things in life like the “tellings” at the Anniversary of the Kings inauguration, which is not unlike a medieval fair.

Little does he know that on this day he will stumble into his destiny.  Pete finds himself up to his ears in trouble as being the noble sort of guy he tries to defend a young maiden, who in her grief at the capture of her beloved has a thing or two to say about his royal cares-not-at-all which is an act of treason.  Pete’s quest quickly unfolds as he A) tries to save the young ladies beloved, B) tries to save his mother by finding a magic flower, C) tries not to be eaten, squashed, drowned, slaughter or flattened and D) do it all before King Cyril the-criminally-insane gets to the magic flower first and becomes *shudder* immortal! Arrrgh, what a nightmare that would be.

You can’t possibly predict the twists and turns in this here journey of self discovery.  Which is a very unusual take on a fairy tale but as the narrator points out (funny fellow that narrator) it has all the necessary ingredients to be a fairytale so therefore it IS.  Only above and beyond. It has knights and magic …..and knights!

Adam Wallace is a great writer of books for kids and he has done it again!  The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee is fun and fantastic but if you stop giggling long enough you may notice the moral in the background, which I think may be Adam’s specialty.  You always learn better when you are laughing like a lunatic.  No, that is not the moral.  Let’s just say if Pete McGee can, what is stopping you?

A Bug in a Book review by Angela Hall.


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