My Favourite Pets

Publisher- Scholastic Aus.


RRP- $18.99

Age- Baby-3yrs

Interactive board book & 20 minute DVD.

Explore the world of pets in the fun and interactive ‘My Favourite Pets’.  This book/DVD allows children up to the age of three to touch the pictures and gain an idea of what certain animals feel like.  The book provides clear and understandable pictures and writing that allows babies and toddlers to get involved in reading at an early age.

With a soft cover, rounded edges, easy to turn pages and large print ‘My Favourite Pets’ is both fun and safe to have around babies who want to see the pictures and interact with the stories.

The DVD adds more education and helps the children to understand and connect the word with its picture. When each word appears on the screen, it will stay there long enough for kids to read it out aloud and learn each word.  With each animal comes a brief but fun story about them that will also educate them with what certain pets are like and what they do.

The DVD has a “Repeat Play” feature which will stop mum’s from having to keep pressing the ‘play’ button once the episode has finished and will also create word and image repetition.

A bug in a Book review by Kerrin Bagshaw.

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