At the Creek with my Bro’

Little Black Books Set 2 – At the Creek with my Bro’

Reagan Stutley

Black Ink Press QLD

RRP. $12.00
ISBN: 978-1-86334-098-4
Release Date: May 23, 2011

Suitable for Primary school aged children.

This is a wonderful little black book, a true gem about two little boys who go swimming down the creek. Reagan races to his friend Campbell’s house excited about their swim. They set off but remember the creek is dry but then the rain comes and fills it up. They race down to the creek to swim. The water starts to rise fast and they are in trouble yet the boys are resourceful and end up safe and well to go swimming another day.

At the creek with my Bro’ is a great story about mateship and how to adapt to a potential fatal situation. The boys show courage whilst taking the danger in their stride; just another every day experience. I loved the colourful illustrations and especially the one of Reagan and Campbell both holding onto the tree branch. The story displays what can happen in rivers or creeks that rise quickly and how fast children can get into danger. This little black book would make a wonderful addition to school libraries.

‘This book is dedicated to the memory of Kerry Clarkson, the much-loved Indigenous Library Resource officer who coordinated this project and died suddenly, before it was finished.
Early in 2010 supported by RADF funds the Librarians and Black Ink Press worked with a group of secondary students who came to the Thuringowa library after school every Friday. Encouraged by several Indigenous writers and illustrators, and resourced by Black Ink Press coordinator Jeanie Adams, these young people each developed a story they wanted to tell young readers.
From a simple storyboard grew a manuscript and a series of bright, lively illustrations. Later they continued at the Black Ink Press office.
The stories told are different but all reflect their own lives. These are authentic young Indigenous voices communicating to the young readers of Australia.’(Accessed press release 18/07/2011.)

A Bug in a Book review by  Vicki Griffin.

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