Nog and the Land of Noses

Bruce Whatley


Price : $26.99

Ages: 3-5, 6-8

ISBN: 978 1 74169 809 1

Type: Hardback Picture Books

In the land of noses it is the norm to be different, unique and special in the nose area.  Useful noses that do all sorts of useful things are everywhere in the land of noses.  Musical noses, noses for hanging, noses for banging, noses that you can hang your washing on.  Everyone has a special nose, except Nog.  It wasn’t long enough for this or short enough for that, curly enough to bounce or straight enough to carry books.  His gran would say;

“Nose for trouble that boy!”

But no-one knew what she meant.  Out of the blue though Nog discovers something very important about his nose.  Turn’s out gran knew all along.

Nog and the Land of Noses is about finding your place in the world.  Bruce Whatley uses uniqueness in a way that emphasises it as something special.  Being different IS special and it is an attitude often not encouraged in children in a world where conformity is valued.  Finding what is special about you gives you value as a person, a place in society and a direction in life.  Nog has a special talent and so do all the children in the world and like Nog, sometimes it just takes a while to figure it out.

Bruce Whatley is one of our favourite children’s authors and illustrators at Bug in a Book, his ability to capture emotions and wonder with words as well as his incredible illustrations are truly amazing.

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