Sissy’s Secret

Author  Althea McKeown

Illustrator  Monique Russell.

Black Ink press QLD

RRP. $17.00

Release date. March 2011.

ISBN. 978-186334-093-9

Ages 6+ Independent readers.

Sissy’s secret is a wonderful tale about a little girl named Sissy who had a secret. She was having a lot of fun at a family gathering but then things took a turn for the worse when an Uncle took advantage off her.

The simple straight forward text and the wonderful vibrant illustrations make this an easy story to read to children- and one no doubt some children will relate to. It is about secrets and how Sissy was scared and frightened until she told her mum the secret-then she didn’t feel sad any more. Part of the language used is Torres Strait Creole and in the back of the book it is translated into English.

Sissy’s Secret would be an invaluable tool for students and parents alike to read to children so they know they CAN tell someone if they are scared or frightened or being taken advantage of by family or strangers. Whilst confronting it is comforting to know that this book can help children to speak out and know it is not their fault. This is a wonderful book that would benefit all children, parents and grandparents. It is open, honest and whilst a tad sad teaches children to look out for each other.


A Bug in a Book review by Vicki Griffin.



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