Sometimes I Wonder

Kaitlin Kum Sing.

Black Ink Press QLD.

RRP. $10


Released. 2011.

Juvenile fiction- for primary school age.

The first thing that strikes me about this little black book is the dedication; it is in memory of the author’s sister who only lived for a few days. Sometimes I Wonder is a heart- rendering look from a child’s POV of loss of a family member and how they deal with it.

Told in child-like words it expresses the simple curiosity of a child. The questions that a child asks themselves to make sense of a loss in the family and how to cope with ‘sorry business.’  Part of the text reads, ‘my dad said she was going to be cheeky like me’ and ‘my aunty said she was going to be smart like her dad’ gave me goose bumps as I read this simple text and looked at the black and white illustrations.

‘Sometimes I Wonder’ is full of pathos where every word counts and has powerful meaning. The author is a true wordsmith to be able to put such powerful words together in such a tiny book and it works! This little book will help many children learn how to cope with bereavement and the normal curiosity that comes with it. I would recommend this book for any parent to have in their home and give it five stars if I could.

A Bug in a Book Review by Vicki griffin.

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