Why Headless Chickens Run

Why Headless Chickens Run and Other CRAZY things you need to know!

Michael Cox


Price : $12.99

Ages: 9 +

Type: Hardcovers

Category: Non Fiction

ISBN: 978 1 74169 979 1


It is true when they say facts are stranger than fiction, but it is also crazier, more disturbing, more hilarious and oddly addictive.

Why Headless Chickens Run is fantastic book chock-a-block full of more random oddities about the world then you can poke an alligator tooth at.  Of course if you are going to try to extract an alligators tooth you may want to first learn how to hypnotise one.  It just so happens this is just the book for you to learn to do that!  So where was I, right crazy facts. Crazy people are also interesting and amusing to say the least.  Find out about doctors who experimented on themselves, eccentric types and mad scientists.  Learn a whole bunch of splendiferous words, bizarre book titles and several things you should never try at home, at school or anywhere…..ever.

Things you might learn while reading this book full of insane facts:

  • Who took over 50 years to run a marathon.
  • 5 fearsome facts about flatulence.
  • 6 People with Utterly CRAZY Names.
  • Some ‘Light’ Reading about Thomas Edison – Did you know his teacher thought he was dimwitted?
  • Goofy Games and Potty Pastimes.
  • All about Mike the headless chicken who lived for over 18 months without its head.
  • ….so, so , so much more!
You will indeed be mind boggled!
Lot’s of fun, great for those curious kids who want to know everything about everything and get a kick out of sharing the fascinatingly weird bits and pieces they have learned.  What child doesn’t like to teach their parents a thing or two about flatulence for example?
Do you know what a Snollygoster is?
A Bug in a Book review by Angela Hall.

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