Nanny Piggins and the Rival Ringmaster

By R.A. Spratt.

Random House Australia

RRP $15.95

ISBN 9781864718157

Paperback. Children’s Fiction

Available 1st July2011.

Ages 9 + Independent readers.


What a wonderful book and concept every chapter has a different adventure for Nanny Piggins and the children. From gate crashing weddings and eating the cakes to Nanny starting up her own cake business and taking orders however one of the cakes was so nice that they ate it before it was delivered to the wedding! What made me laugh was Nanny Piggins when she cooks she likes to wear ‘good ‘clothes. So here’s Nanny Piggins done up in her best clothes cooking cakes, her specialty.

However poor Mr. Green he flushed Nanny’s special cake recipe down the loo so Nanny and the children take to digging up the backyard and sewer pipes to find it! Hilarious! As the story progresses Nanny and children have an Easter adventure with chocolate eggs shooting out of cannon, and old friend Esmeralda from the circus comes to her for help and the ringmaster himself who has been thrown in jail wants Nanny to save the circus which she does with gusto!

This installment is full of twists and turns and giggles as Nanny Piggins goes off to confront the evil ringmaster, her friend Esmeralda is a four tonne elephant who only adds to the humour.

The author’s humour whilst on the dry side is funny and Nanny Piggins, Mr. Green, Derrick, Michael and Samantha have a lot of fun which leaves a lasting impression. My favourite part is when Nanny has all the circus performers in Mr. Green’s backyard and decides to charge the neighboring children to have a look. Derrick suggests fifty dollars a child to which Nanny replies, ‘oh no, no, no, that’s much too steep. Even if they did have two hundred dollars each I would not approve of them spending any less that $199.50 on chocolates and sweets. So the most I could charge them would be fifty cents.” Hilarious!  Nanny Piggins is a must read and I’m sure it will delight many children who love adventures.

A Bug in a Book review by Vicki Griffin.

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