Bindi Wildlife Adventures. #17 – #20

Silverback  Mountain, Island Ambush, Trapped, Panda- Monium.

Jess Black & Ellie Browne.

Random House Australia


ISBN. 978 1 86471 834-8 (paperback.) Silverback  Mountain. Author Jess Black.

ISBN. 978 1 86471 835–5 Island Ambush by Ellie Browne.

ISBN. 978186471837-9 Panda- Monium. Ellie Browne.

ISBN. 978186471836-2 Trapped by Jess Black,

Released 1st August 2011.

Suitable for primary school readers.

RRP. $9.95.


In Island Ambush Bindi and a friend spot a dead shark with its fins missing, they try to find the culprit and bring him to justice. Whereas Panda-Monium involves Bindi going to Nepal to research the red panda but becomes involved in a fight to protect the panda.

Trapped my favourite in the series is about Australia and Australian animals a great story for all children around the globe. Lucky last is Silverback Mountain where the Irwin family are in the Congo when Bindi discovers everything is not what it seems amongst the dense mountains where the elusive mountain gorilla lives.

Bind is certainly a role model for young girls and is teaching them how to protect animals and the planet. This is a wonderful concept as most of the teaching is done superbly through the text in the stories. Any young girl would aspire to be like her.

The pace of the stories was fast and I wanted to get to the end ‘the happy ending.’ The involvement of her siblings and mother is a bonus as it allows the reader to connect with Bindi they have something in common; ‘a family.’ Bindi’s Wildlife Adventures is based on what she does with her family starting each book with a page from her diary which ultimately leads into the theme of the story.

Full of excitement adventure and intrigue any child would love to read these stories especially the Australian themed one ‘Trapped’, it depicts a tale about a dingo, sheep and a venomous snake! The storyline’s throughout each book are similar basically Bindi saves animals and helps people to understand the importance of preserving the wildlife, their homes and their futures.  She is a remarkable young woman and will put a smile on many young faces as they read her tales of adventure. Make great resources for school libraries and an excellent tool for children who are doing projects for school with the facts in the back of each book regarding which animal was featured in the stories.

A learning experience for all of us.

A Bug in a Book review by Vicki Griffin.

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