Bumper Super-Freaky Activity Book

Item # : 7930307
Price : $12.99
Ages: 6-8, 9 +
Type: Activity Books
Author : Knife&Packer

Follow the Aliensen’s, a family of aliens, travel around the galaxy and getting up to all sorts of adventures in this freakishly fun book of puzzles and stories!

There are all sorts of activities to do, ranging from cross words, mazes,find-a-words,spot-the-aliens and many more!

My 5 year old son graciously helped with my review, and reckons his favourite part was the interactive stories, where you got to fill in the blank parts, with your own words. “HEY,COME BACK WITH MY _______ Undies! It gave us all quite a giggle!!

There were parts in the book, which were a bit of a struggle to read (that’s where i stepped in) but other than that, it was a really good source of entertainment and fun!

A Bug in a Book review by Rachel Mason.

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