Down to the Pond

Vi Sirriss

Black Ink Press

Release Date: May 23, 2011
ISBN- 978-1-92184-300-6
RRP-$12.00 post paid on Black Ink press website.
Mixture full-colour and black/white illustrations paperback 150 x 150 mm, 24pp

Bob and Dick are going to the pond to do some fishing and maybe catch a big fish for dinner. They find worms to use for bait. While they wait the play some games like ‘I-Spy’.

A very interesting book with some unique illustrations, both by Vi Sirriss. Vi sketched her surroundings and has captured them in this story. The book is easy to read and also has Nywaigi (aboriginal) words throughout the story.
This book has been dedicated to Vi, who died in September 2010 and her daughter Simone who died in 2009.
A Bug in a Book review by Kerrin Bagshaw.
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