Let’s Go, Baby-o!

Janet McLean

Illustrator- Andrew McLean

Allen & Unwin

Date of publication 1 August 2011

RRP- $24.99

ISBN- 978-1-74237-564-9


Lets Go, Baby-O!

After a nap, it’s time to play and explore the world for this little baby. With his big cousin by his side the dance and sing and look to see what is happening out the window. What do they see? A garden full of busy people and animals playing and working in the garden.

I had fun reading this book as it has been written in a way that it has to be read in a rhythm almost a song. The story gets stuck in your head (in a good way!) and without even knowing it you’ll be singing it to your little one throughout the day because it is just so catchy!

Children’s minds absorb a lot so when they read books like ‘Let’s Go, Baby-O!’, it will encourage them to learn, explore and enjoy the world around them while still having fun.

The illustrations are very plentiful and are great as they are clear enough for the child to point out certain features in the story. The font is also big enough that older children can read along or by themselves. With a hard cover, which we all know comes in handy with toddlers, this book would be great to read before a nap or dance along with after.


A Bug in a Book recommended review by Kerrin Bagshaw.

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