Mates – Great Australian Yarns

 Pauline Deeves & Adam Carruthers


Price : $11.99
Ages: 9 +

ISBN: 978-1-86291-851-1

What a great little junior novel!  Losers?  Is a tale of the underdogs, it has a fantastic school project kind of feel about it as our young story teller attempts to explain the loss of the soccer match, Wiggly Worms Vs The Rotten Rats.  The humour is well placed and age appropriate and perfectly complimented by the quirky illustrations.  I love the characters in this story, Kyle’s Mum their soccer coach is fabulous, and up against the other teams aggressive ex state footballer coach their team is a different kettle of fish entirely.  As the story goes on though you soon realise that even though the Wiggly Worms are the losers they are the winners on a much greater scale.


A great book for all children venturing into junior novels, but especially good for sports fans and kids that enjoy humour in their stories that aren’t too heavy. A breeze to get through, would make a great book for the classroom too, would love to see the kids analyse why the losers are in fact the winners after all.


All round good book!


A bug in a book recommended review by Angela Hall.


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