Moonshadow- The Twilight War

Simon Higgins

Illustrator- Ari Gibson

Random House Aus

ISBN:9781864719772RRP $16.95



Subject:Child Fiction : Independent Readers


Moonshadow has had a nightmare, almost as if it were a premonition, about a betrayal by a close friend. Will it come true?

The twilight war has been declared and Moonshadow and his allies from the Grey Light Order must protect themselves from certain death. But after battling for what seems like forever, one of their own has been captured by the powerful Fuma clan, at least that is what it seems.

Moonshadow helped convert Snowhawk from the Fuma clan to the Grey Light Order and she has proved her worth to all the group by telling them everything she knows about her former clan. But was it just a trick for her to gain aces to a rival clan or is she under threat from the Fuma and seeks refuge?

After losing their leader, Moonshadow and Groundspider are forced to take action and do whatever is necessary to retrieve their latest agent and bring her back, if it turns out she is a double agent, Moonshadow will be forced to do what he thinks will be impossible.

An absolute action packed novel with an awesome storyline, this book is great for fantasy thrill seekers.

I noticed everything was well described in such a way that you could picture it in your mind. Everything had so much detail the only thing that was missing was the smell!

As this is the 3rd book of the series, I did not get to read the other 2 but didn’t find it hard to understand the story and what it was about and I did find myself staying up a little late just to see what happened before I nodded off.

I would recommend this book for teenagers or fantasy lovers as it has a lot of action and martial arts throughout the story.

Very well written, Simon Higgins has done a very good job in present the public with another outstanding novel.


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