Some Dads…

Some Dads…

 Nick Bland


ISBN: 9781741697933
RRP: $16.99
Format: Hardback (250mm x 240mm x mm)
Pages: 24
Publish Date: 1-Aug-2011


Nick Bland is one of the best.  Not only is he one of those people who can write and illustrate.  He is also well above average at both.  His latest book Some Dads… is a treasured book about those supermen in our lives of all different types; our Dads!




There are some dad’s who worry,

And some dad’s who hurry.

And some dad’s who get lost on the way.


Adorably illustrated with animals, father and child, in all sorts of scenarios one might find themselves in with their dad.  If you have a wonderful dad in your life this is the perfect addition to your story time library and a lovely thing to share with the man himself.  Tell him how special he is and that you will never forget it.


Nick Bland is a name to remember when you go on your next shopping spree, keep an eye out for Some Dads… and while you are there you may not be able to resist some of his other gorgeous picture books such as the Very Cranky Bear, The Wrong Book, When Henry Caught Imaginitis, A Monster Wrote me a Letter, Just to name but a few.


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