The Great Animal Puzzle Book

Barbara Telfer

Scholastic NZ

Publication June 2011 
ISBN 978-1-86943-917-0 
RRP $12.99 
Extent 112 pp 
Age 6-10 years

A fantastic combination of fun and educational puzzles and games, that all share the same theme of animals. From “guess the collective noun” to “fill in the missing letters to find out what the name is of the endangered species this book has a mixture of all kinds of puzzles!
The easiest to do, would be “follow the fishing line from the boat to the fish below” puzzle, and “guess what animal it is, by the clues” where as the more difficult ones,you have to rearrange letters to make the name of certain animals, and fill in the missing animal names that fit into a blank grid.
Although those ones were challenging, it was still great fun, guessing the words and learning about the different environments that animals live in!

My 4 year old daughter really had a good go at this book, but was a little overwhelmed by the amount of words there were,and lack of pictures. So I would say this book would be more suited to an older child, maybe 5-10 yrs.

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