The Koala Bounces Back

Author Jimmy Thomson

Illustrated by Eric Lobbecke

Random House Australia

RRP $19.95

ISBN 9781742750071

Published  1/8/2011.

Picture Book suitable for 5+

What an exquisite little gem this book is, vibrant illustrations, an Australian animal and an adventure! What more could a child ask for. As I turn the pages the wonderful colours jump out at me, there is something about an Australian themed book that warms the cockles of my heart.

Karri the koala has a nice peaceful home and a simple life with no noise or distractions until a family of cats who were dumped come to live near Karri. The cats are scaring off all the wildlife and even the Bilby is frightened. Karri tries to talk to them and befriends them. They decide to have a football came and if the cats win they can stay. However Karri sees they are losing but then it starts to rain and the cats run away. Karri scores the winning goal which means the family of cats has to leave his territory. Karri tries to find them a home where they will be dry and safe.

This is a wonderful story about different animals and how their feud turned into a friendship it also teaches children the importance of animals and how people look after them. A wonderful addition to any child’s collection, the illustrations are big, colourful and realistic. The Koala Bounces back is a book every child would love to have.

A Bug in a Book review by Vicki Griffin.

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