The Long and Winding Road

Val Alberts

Illustated by Jaquanna Elliot & Esther Fischer.

Black Ink Press Queensland.



Suitable for Mainstream market.

RRP $22.00 post paid Black Ink Press website.

The long and Winding Road is a mixture of stories depicting domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse and how six women over came this abuse to move forward with their life’s. Told to the author in a question and answer format makes it easy to read. It is a brutally honest account of what these women went through and what steps they took to start a new life. The women are courageous for speaking out which will empower other women in their situations to take that very first hard step.

It is an emotive account of what Indigenous women and other women go through day to day with a bleak outlook until a light bulb is switched on within them enabling them to escape this sad cycle of violence. What stands out are the lack of appropriate support services that are readily available to access. Karen’s story is indicative of what occurs to many women, she went to a Murri counselor who she knew personally and she wasn’t comfortable with that which is quite understandable. So she went to an Indigenous health worker who told her “stay with your man or he’ll growl at me.” (Adapted version).

This lack of understanding only highlights the need for more training in this field and more ‘train the trainers’ to deal with these sensitive issues in a compassionate caring way. All of the stories in this book are heartbreaking due to what these women and their children have had to endure but there is hope for each one of them.

The Long and Winding Road is a great self – help book also for any women in an ugly situation to read and to have hope.  Val Alberts questions come across as thought provoking and sensitive to what these brave women have gone through and the writing flows nicely and is well-balanced. This book is one all law makers and health officials should read to put the necessary extra resources into place so everyone who is caught in this type of cycle has access to support, understanding and culturally appropriate help.

The Long and Winding Road is an emotive account of six women’s journeys through life and how they bravely made a choice to say ‘enough ‘and stopped the abuse. Each story is different and whilst confronting it is an issue that not enough is done to stop. This book is a valuable tool towards enabling women to become empowered.

A Bug in a Book review by Vicki Griffin.

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