Aleesah Darlison & Andrew Plant


Working Title Press


ISBN 978 1 921504 28 0
RRP $24.95


Bats really are going through a bit of bad press lately and the little critters are quite misunderstood.  They don’t have the endearing qualities that usually attract people to conservation, they are not beautiful or majestic, and they are not grand or cuddly.  Some people find bats scary or creepy, but perhaps Warambi might change your mind.


Warambi is born deep in a forest, within a dark cave; she is the size of a little bean.  She clings to her mother, safely enfolded within her soft wings.  Warambi lives with many others, she stays safely in a nursery of other little bats while the mothers fly off to hunt for insects. This is the story of Warambi.  This is a story of what happens when habitat is destroyed.  Warambi becomes misplaced in the confusion as bulldozers come crushing into their home.  She finds herself in a strange place, lost and alone.  Will Warambi find her family again?


Aleesah Darlison has yet again touched our hearts with her take on the animal world.  She has written this story lovingly and simply so we are all able to take away the reality and feeling of the situation this precious little bat finds herself in.  Beautifully illustrated by Andrew Plant who has captured the scenery and beauty of the night and amazingly the bat.


Just gorgeous.


Aleesah Darlison is the author of Puggles Problem and the wonderful Totally Twins series.


A Bug in a Book recommended review by Angela Hall.

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