A Bella Street Mystery – The Secret Formula

Clare Havens

Bacon and Eggs Media


ISBN: 9780979432941

RRP: $12.99

Middle Grade

A Bug in a Book review by Angela Hall.

A Bella Street Mystery – The Secret Formula is the latest thing to step out of the Bacon and Eggs publications and it is already causing a stir over seas.

This book has a real movie feel about it.  It is a classic American detective type mystery (and yet completely original) with your typical bunch of seedy underworld gangster bad guys, you know the sort, they aren’t very bright, have limited imaginations and are ruled by a ruthless genius out for revenge and personal gain AKA Doc Gutson. The unexpected heroes are a couple of kids; Bella Street and her best friends Felix Samson.  Bella is the daughter of a wealthy and successful fashionista with her own magazine, however she is a skateboarding champ and not very interested in the world her mother luxuriates in. Felix, Bella’s best friend, is a wanna-be detective and absorbs himself in the old black and white movies so much so that he even talks the talk.

“More like a hard-boiled crim looking to shake your mum down”

This book is great fun, and while the circumstances of the story (the very wealthy, the gangsters and the evil scientist) are a world away from the normal life of your average 13 year old the characters are still relatable and you get a real connection with Bella in particular.   Based in Manhattan where you get a taste of the city life with Clare Havens descriptions you can almost  say you have been there.  This story is fast paced and full of action as the story unravels.  The characters are great, not too serious but deep enough to have an impact.

If you are after a great good guy versus bad guy story with mystery, a bit of crazy science, a couple of goons, brave and clued up kids and a whole lot of trouble, you will not be disappointed with A Bella Street Mystery – The Secret Formula.  I found myself staying up too late to read more!

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