Extinction 2

Lizzie Wilcock

Scholastic Australia

Publication date; August 2011.

RRP. $16.99

ISBN. 9781741690094.


Ages 10+.

A Bug in a Book review by Vicki Griffin.


Having not read the first book I still found it quite easy to get carried away with this one, from the first page readers are drawn into the ‘Chosen Ones’ epic quest. The quest to save human existence.


Twisting and turning back through time, the four pairs of twins must dodge their arch enemy Rufus Keller and use their powers to find the purest of Earthly elements. Can the eight succeed in the mission? Can they save all their parents? Themselves? All of mankind?


A fast paced journey that will have young readers, white knuckled and gripping the book. The writing throughout is superb and Lizzie Wilcock has the craft down pat – the dialogue is exceptional and the characters are strong.  As I continued reading I felt empathy especially with Annie when all she wanted to do was ‘wake up in her own bed then eat toast and cornflakes’. She wanted normality back in her life but she was on a ride that one believes will never end.


Extinction 2 will have children biting their nails and not wanting to read on but curiosity will get the better of them. A Great read for ages 10+ and this author is a must to look out for!


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