Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

Scholastic Australia

ISBN: 9781742830728

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Release Date: 01 August 2011

Format: Paperback

RRP: $16.99

A Bug in a Book review by Angela Hall.


In the words of Anna Bligh MP Premier of QLD:

“Congratulations to Scholastic Australia for producing Flood.  This book was printed in Queensland, a copy will be donated to every Australian primary school, and profits will go to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.  Thank you Scholastic Australia – well done!”


This book helps to fill the gaping void between news and events and children understanding and coping with these visions and experiences.  The Queensland flood took more than the nations breath away through media coverage, it stole homes, jobs, livestock and lives.  It is hard for us adults to comprehend, it is hard to explain to a child, thankfully this book is here to help.

The story Flood is told in the perspective of a cattle dog who is misplaced by the disaster.  It shows the community spirit, the overview of the events that occurred and how those effected coped.  This book made my heart heavy as I recalled watching those very same events on TV and all those feelings of shock and amazement at the power and suddenness of the flood.  Today people just kilometres north of our home are still putting their lives back together after this disaster.

This is also the story of the little tug boat who could.  Do you remember when the boardwalk broke free from its floating home on the Brisbane River?  The very heavy boardwalk was being swept away in the torrent and turned into a dangerous weapon of destruction.  Then along comes a tiny little tug boat, it shoves and guided and never gave up despite everything being against it.  That little tug boat is a hero and a source of hope.  There were many heroes in the floods and we will not forget it.


Flood bring tears but it also warms the heart.




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