Alice-Miranda at Sea

Jacqueline Harvey

Random House


Format:Trade Paperback

Imprint:Random House Australia


Subject:Child Fiction : Independent Readers

RRP: $15.95

A Bug in a Book review by Angela Hall.


Never before has there been a miniature hero quite like Alice-Miranda.  She is proof that you don’t have to be a tough as nails, rough around the edges, ready to get into fisty-cuffs kind of hero.  No, not this pocket rocket.  Alice-Miranda is quite the opposite in fact.  She is delicate and petite, well dressed, polite and considerate, completely non-judgmental and absolutely adorable.  Even so she has a good handle on those niggly senses of things not being right and the ability to bring out the best in people around her.

Alice-Miranda comes from quite a unique family (please excuse my ignorance as I am yet to read the first three) at first I though WOW that is going to be hard to relate to but, I was wrong.  Despite her rich and famous friends and family (Especially Aunty Gee – The Queen, who I love by the way) Alice-Miranda is a fun story that shares a bit of the celebrity life style while making the regal wonderfully normal and fabulously fun.  If anybody can make the rigid loosen up and enjoy themselves Alice-Miranda can!

In Alice-Miranda at Sea we take a voyage in Her Majesties ship the Octavia for a grand wedding.  Oh what fun to be had exploring the resort like ship with her friends.  What with the parties, the swimming, the games and the feasting.  What more could you want?  Well an adventure of course!  Luckily just such an adventure stepped onto the wrong ship by the name of Neville Nordstrom.  On his own personal quest of high importance’s and laced with a whole lot of telling off once his parents find out, Neville sets off to meet with someone very important, a someone who is the only one who can make a difference on his quest.  Sorry for being vague, I don’t want to give it away!  Meanwhile there is trouble brewing on the ship as the very glamorous and bejewelled find themselves less dazzling when their diamonds and pearls disappear.

Alice-Miranda has completely won me over, like she does with even those hardened folk like the Russian chef (oh you will have to read it).  She is a sweet and wholesome character, never fear parents, this little lass won’t lead your kids astray, they might even learn a few more adorable mannerisms with which to show their impeccable upbringing. 🙂

Alice-Miranda is a great mystery story which will have the reader enthralled til the last page.


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