Lauren Kate

Fallen series book 3

Random House


Format:Trade Paperback

Imprint:Doubleday Children’s


Subject:Child Fiction : Young Adult

RRP: $24.95

A Bug in a Book review by Kylie Calwell.

Luce and Daniel didn’t meet for the first time at Sword and Cross, before this lifetime they had already lived many lives. Daniel always destined to fall in love and see that love torn from him, Luce to fall in love and die young. This time around something is different and Luce is desperate to unlock the curse that torments their love. In order to do this she must revisit her previous lives. She is determined to understand her fate and find it’s key, each incarnation seems to hold a different clue.

As Luce stumbles through time Daniel is chasing her, determined to save her. Just how many deaths can one love endure and why must it be this way? Will Luce’s journey manage to change their future? Or is there something more at stake than just tortured love?

Luce and Daniel are characters whose love and personalities have been developed throughout the previous installments of this series. This book takes you deeper into their relationship and how much it hinges on Daniel’s original choice. This story not only sweeps across time but also continents. Luce enters into many historical moments in her quest. This constant jumping from moment to moment is not going to be for everyone and I found Luce to be a little needy, however it was nice to note that her past selves did not all have the same personality. The different settings were handled deftly and the description makes it easy to slot in to the new location.

This is very much Luce and Daniel’s story, other characters from their present have little involvement in this though a key to Cam’s past is also unveiled and it is nice to see some depth added here. This is a different kind of read and if you are a fan you will probably love this chance to delve into the past love between these two cursed characters.

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