A Song for Lorkie

Jennifer Castles & Dean Bowen

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781742377186
Australian Pub.: September 2011
Suitable for ages: 3-6

AUD $29.99

Reviewed by Angela Hall.
 A song for Lorkie is a story about love, being different and friendship.

Lorkie is a bird, he and all the other Roofbirds live on roofs, they each have a song in their heart.  Except Lorkie who has not yet thought of a song.  Lorkie’s friends are Roofbirds but unlike his friends he does not wish to live in the Valley of Roofs he wanted to live near the busy hustle-bustle road.  His friends could not understand why he wanted to live there, but he found it exciting.  Eventually the pull of the road becomes too great and Lorkie finds a new home right in the middle of a busy argy-bargy roundabout.  It is there that Lorkie finds his song.  Lorkie however becomes lonely, being the only Roadbird with nothing but clickety bugs to keep him company.  Flying home Lorkie hopes there will be someone who can live in the roundabout with him.

I really enjoyed this story, it is very sweet and speaks beautifully to children carrying with it the message of love and acceptance.  There is a place in this world for everyone.  Gorgeous in it’s simple illustrations and story.  A new favourite.


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