Boy vs. Beast Border Guard Battle Files. LAND and AIR.

Author. Mac Park

Illustrator. Melanie Mathews, Britt Martin and Millie Shorter

Scholastic Australia

Publication Date. September 2011.

RRP. $9.99

ISBN.978-1-921931-08-6 AIR.

ISBN.978-1-921931-09-3 LAND

Early reader –Fiction 6+


Reviewed By Vicki Griffin.

This series is just right for young boys moving from picture books who want short titles with lots of action and adventure. Kai Masters is a high tech border guard who battles big beasts. Border Guards can win badges, for AIR- fly high and win BMC points and for LAND keep your feet on the ground to earn 15 points. This is an ingenious idea for children as they work their way through this action packed adventure it holds everything boys love! The creators have adapted favourite TV and gaming worlds to create this series of books that will not only engage the reader but will also develop their skills through the adventures. Kia Masters 12 years of age is a Border Guard charged with protecting Earth from unruly beats who try to crash through the border wall.

There is quite a few in the series and in Battle Files Land and Air the reader learns everything he needs to know and what to look out for whilst battling the beasts and most importantly winning! It is a very imaginative series with the Lavasaurs who were made when the beasts from rock and fire lands came together. They are a mix of Terrasaur and Flamagon beasts. To beat this beast one has to control its hot-lava attacks – the books explain to the reader how best to do this. Battle Files also shows how to win the badges needed to become a Border Captain like Kia Masters.

This new series of books is aimed at early readers and has everything in them a young boy could want, action, strange scary beasts and fancy weapons for the battle. The font is large and the illustrations are wonderful and realistic.

AIR and Land are full of hints, adventure and skills to defeat the mutants – every possible item and skill a young boy needs to defeat these beasts. This series with its big print and big illustrations would have any boy spellbound and being able to interact with the game on is a bonus. The game and the series of books go hand in hand to educate whilst holding their attention within a book – an innovative idea. Similar to collecting cards and swapping which so many young boys do. Boy vs. Beast Border Files will hook in the most reluctant reader and have them screaming for more. Fancy a look at the website go to and put the skills you have learned from LAND and AIR Battle Files to the test! A great series for boys and these books whilst fun are educational and would make a wonderful Christmas gift! Ask any young boy if they know K-Zone and they are bound to know about Boy vs. Beast!

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