Gilbert the Great

By Jane Clarke

Illustrated by: Charles Fuge

Simon and Schuster

This edition: Boxed Set/Slip Cased/Casebound, 24 pages

List Price: $12.99

September 2011

ISBN: 9780857072238

Reviewed by Angela Hall.

Even tough guys like great white sharks have feelings, and when Gilbert loses his best friend Raymond the Remora he has to deal with all the same things we do if we were to lose a pet.  It can be hard to understand why they are no longer beside you when that is where they have always been.  Gilbert’s Mum guides him through his grief as he comes to terms with his life after Raymond.  Despite this rather deep and meaningful story line Gilbert the Great is cleverly written in a way that is still filled with underwater adventure and fun.  The illustrations are bright and wonderful with colourful characters to explore and the beauty of undersea life.

Gilbert the Great is a board book so great for little hands.  Not just for those who need to explore loss, this book would be a wonderful gift for a lover of sharks and sea life or any little reader for that matter.  Great for sharing or going solo.

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