Harry’s War

John Heffernan

Scholastic – Omnibus Books

RRP. $ 16.99

Published August 2011.

ISBN. 978-86291-927 3

Junior Fiction-Paperback

Market. 10 +

Reviewed By Vicki Griffin.

Harry loves Grandpa. He especially loves listening to the old man’s thrilling war stories. Harry’s War is a book about trust, friendship love growing up and loyalty.

Eleven year-old Harry Carlton’s father died when he was only three. His grandfather stepped into the role and has been a great companion for the boy. However there is a cloak of silence around his father and Harry is determined to discover the truth. But in so doing, he unearths a deeper truth that will test his strength of character. Harry and his grandfather have a very special relationship however when Harry wants to delve a bit deeper to find out what happened to his father he discovers that conflicts not only happen at war but at home too and sometimes they can’t be resolved. Harry’s war is amazingly simple and will suit even the reluctant reader with its enticing story.

Harry is a strong believable character and when he hurts the reader hurts. Harry’s War is an invaluable lesson about deceit and how it can hurt everyone close and not so close. When Harry finds out what really happened to his father he is saddened but it is in no comparison to what his grandfather has done. The same grandfather, who had raised him, passed stories down to him, took him fishing and loved him unconditionally. How could he? This book shows the complexity amongst family relationships, the conflicts, resolutions and forgiveness. It is an excellent book for young boys to read and to comprehend the sometimes unfortunate incidents that occur within the family unit. The author has managed to hold my attention by the wonderful visual writing and such strong characters. Harry and his grandfather have a strong bond and the reader can feel it. A wonderful addition to primary school libraries also. A thought provoking book!



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