Paws,Claws and Frilly Drawers

Sarah Horne

Scholastic Australia

Format: Softcover

Publication Date: 1 July 2011

ISBN: 9781741698817

For ages: 6-10

Type: Junior Fiction, Young Junior Fiction

A review by Rachel Mason


Paws,Claws and Frilly drawers by Sarah Horne, is the second book in the Molly & Mimi series.

Molly is an ordinary kid who is just about to start her first day at her new school. Mimi is not so ordinary.In fact, Mimi (who’s full name is Madame Mimi Mew Mew Von Volavon) is quite Extraordinary. You see Mimi is a cat- she is a TALKING cat- she is a TALKING cat that ALSO likes to dress up in all kinds of outfits and costumes for whatever the occasion calls for.

When Mimi’s owners return from their vacation, Molly is introduced to the girl next door. Saffron Von Volavon, who doesn’t realise just how extraordinary her cat really is.
The only one Saffron thinks is extraordinary,is SAFFRON!

Straight away you can feel the tension between these two characters, as Saffron is this moody ,spoilt brat that craves attention any way she can get it. Where as Molly is quite the opposite,she’s more reserved and thoughtful of others and aware of events around her. Which is probably why Mimi and Molly have such a close relationship.

The girls find themselves in the same class at school,and are paired up for the upcoming “Bring your pet to school” day. Molly is disappointed, as she doesn’t own a pet to bring, and might have to bring a toy instead. How embarrassing,being the only one without a real pet!
To make matters worse, Saffron (being one to have to out-do everyone else) wants to bring in a PONY! (although she hasn’t actually got one…..YET)

saffron’s constant need to out-do Molly and stay the top dog ,at home and at school, means there are bound to be lots of head to head battles, which see the girls in all kinds of predicaments. Throw in an attention seeking, talking cat,to the mix and you have yourself a wacky story full of Cat-ittude and charisma!




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