Alana Wulff

Random House Australia


Market. Secondary school age.

Publication date. 1st October 2011.

Photography- cover. Getty Images

Internal Photography- Snapper Media.

RRP. $19.95

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.


Who is Cody Simpson? If you have to ask that question you don’t have young females in your house. Cody Simpson is a brilliant young teenager who went after a dream and succeeded. They say he is Australia’s Justin Bieber! At the age of 12 and with his parents’ permission he asked if he could upload his singing to YouTube. Within weeks he received an email from a famous producer and before he knew it he was heading to USA with his parents of course. His YouTube video landed him a major contract with Atlantic records and the rest is history.

Alana Wulff has done this unofficial guide proud it is full of interesting facts about Cody; she talks about his family, his life on the Gold Coast before they relocated to America, his dreams, his achievements and most importantly she focuses on the Australian theme. Not to mention he’s just toured the USA and been mobbed by frenzied fans, he also has half a million followers on Twitter and over 800,000 Facebook fans! Yes this boy is a star! This smart young man is an Australian and he has a large fan following. So if you are looking for a great present for a young female this book may just be it! It has wonderful photographs throughout and I quite enjoyed reading about this young boy’s life and his star-studded future. A must read!

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