A Different Inequality

Author Dianne Austin-Broos.

Publisher Allen and Unwin

RRP; $29.99


Publication. August 2011.

ISBN. 978-1-74237-049-1

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.


A Different Inequality attempts to explain the politics of debate about remote Aboriginal Australia. The author has done a remarkable job in the way this academic book is formatted, simple and an easy to understand framework.

‘The Indigenous Australian population has altered fundamentally from one typical of the former hunter-gatherer way of life to one that is very poor, marginalized, and powerless and sedentarised.’ (Marcia Langton.)

The question one continues to ponder whilst reading this book is ‘how did society manage to get this wrong so many times? ‘A Different Inequality is a thought provoking book. Throughout the book we meet ‘Mathew a young male Aboriginal, and follow part of his life. His story is poignant simply because it is happening everywhere within society and we can’t seem to make it right! Or get it right for remote Aboriginal Australians. This story allows one to understand the challenges and complexities that face Governments and society and is a powerful insight to behind the scenes within Aboriginal Australians lives. If society can manage the balance we may just one day close the ever expanding gap.

A resourceful academic book for students or scholars studying Australian Aboriginals and Politics. A Different Inequality would be a welcome addition to any library. Highly recommended reading!

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