Conspiracy 365 ‘Revenge.’

Author; Gabrielle Lord.

Publication; October 2011.

Publisher; Scholastic Australia.

RRP; $14.99

Market 8+

Fiction paperback.

ISBN; 978-1-74169-976-0

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

Like all the Conspiracy 365 books this one does not disappoint. After Cal has been on the run for 365 days he figures his life is good and he can settle down back at home with his family. However his well thought out plan doesn’t go accordingly, Cal suddenly disappears after he receives a chilling message, 30 days it warns. Cal doesn’t know if that means 30 days as a warning or a hoax but he is worried his past is going to catch up with him. No one knows where he is and will they be able to find him within the 30 days? This book once again has it all suspense, action, adventure and mystery everything young boys love and a character that is real and solid. Cal’s friend Winter receives signs and hopes they are messages to help her find her friend but will she or is it another twist in this exciting adventure. This time it looks like Cal Ormond might have more trouble than he can handle.

Conspiracy 365 is a great read about adventure, friendship and loyalty and would suit ages 8+ even though the publisher recommends 10+ my son has been reading the series since he was 8 and loves them! A worthwhile addition or as a collectors set. Great buy! Scholastic also gives away prizes via their new online competitions and there is also a dedicated website for fans at to visit. Gabrielle Lord has done a marvelous job of creating characters and dialogue that is addictive for pre-teens and teenagers. His sense of knowing what appeals to that particular age group is telling in his writing which is fast paced and authentic. A wonderful author with a style that flows easily and  can be read simply.

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