Dinosaur Rescue – Stego-Snottysauras & T-Wreck-Asaurus

Author Kyle Mewburn & Donovan Bixley

Publisher; Scholastic Australia

Illustrated by Donovan Bixley

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

Released; August 2011.


ISBN; 978-1-77543-020-9

Market; Middle age children.

Stego-Snottysaurus is funny with big drawings throughout. I loved the part where Arg lost his balance and toppled over the edge. The only thing he could think about was ‘at least the bear can’t get me now.’ How wrong he was! The flu is causing all sorts of snotty problems for Arg and his tribe; it is terrible flu that has hit their valley. But Arg is horrified when he discovers people flu can be deadly to dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs will be doomed if it reaches the secret valley! This would have to be Arg and Skeet’s biggest adventure yet saving the dinosaurs from people flu, and not to mention their snottiest!
Boys especially will love this adventure tale and of course dinosaurs are always popular even a dinosaur that might just catch the flu! Enthralling, easy to read – a real winner!



 ISBN; 978-1-77543-019-3

Arg has a real problem and has to solve it before someone gets chomped! He has to stop and angry T-Rex from destroying his village. This is another hilarious tale in the Dinosaur series filled with great pictures, blood curdling screams and chomping Gurg in half and spitting him out! All the fun and silly antics boys love. Arg finds it hard being the only boy who has evolved in his tribe and sometimes his big brain gets him into heaps of trouble! He wants to wear clothes – his mother doesn’t understand that, his dad tries to understand him but hopes he will grow up like any other Neanderthal. Yet when Arg meets Skeet an evolved talking T-Rex the fun begins. A great read!


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