EJ12 Girl Hero – Pyramid Puzzle

Author- Susannah McFarlane

Publisher-LemonFizz Media/ Scholastic Aus.

Date of Publication- July 2011

ISBN- 978-1-92168-424-1

RRP- $12.99

Reviewed by Kerrin Bagshaw

Come on an adventure around the world as EJ12 sets of on another top secret mission to Egypt. EJ’s skills will be put to the test as she takes on two evil SHADOW agents trying to steal an ancient Egyptian queen’s precious jewellery and stones from her tomb in a very well hidden pyramid. Her mission is made all the more difficult when she has to decode hieroglyphics and riddles to find her way and get back home in one piece. With some help from her partner IJ12 who is also her best friend, EJ is ready to save the world once again.


This fun book really got my brain going from the first page from the first chapter and I know that I was more educated by the time I finished the last page.

Although the book mainly contained codes and riddles, I didn’t find myself getting lost or confused as all the puzzles were well described and easy to understand.

The part I enjoyed the most was the history clippings throughout the book, it’s a good idea to share some history while reading as it adds to the story.




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