Red Plane to the Rescue

 Author- Melissa Firth

Illustrator- Cheryl Orsini

ISBN- 973-1-74169-853-4

RRP- $14.99

Publisher- Scholastic

Date of publication- August 2011

Reviewed by Kerrin Bagshaw.

Red, blue and yellow planes,

There they go

Today they are putting on a show

Chucka, chucka, chucka

Vroom, vroom, vroom

Zing, zing, zow, zoom, zoom, zoom

Every child likes to spread their wings and soar the skies like a plan with twists and turns and flips and all the daring twists.

‘Red Plane to the Rescue’ will expand the imagination and involves them in the story.

As I was reading this book, all I could picture was children running around the room as the story was being read out aloud to them. All the actions of the planes are described in detail and the illustrations are very bright and colourful. I know this book will capture the mind of any adventurous child.

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