The Key to Starveldt

Authors; Foz Meadows

Publisher; Ford Street Publishing.

RRP; $ 19.95

Publication ; October 2011.

Urban fantasy-Paperback

Market 15+

ISBN. 978-1-921665-25-7

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin and Cassandra Griffin.


Crouching down, Grief reached out and cupped Solace’s chin stroking with awful tenderness.’

“So beautiful.” He smiled and for a twisted moment his face was almost handsome. Then it twisted, his fingers dug cruelly into her hair as he kissed her hard on the mouth. Her body went rigid with fear and outrage. She struggled wildly but Grief only bit down before flinging her backwards like a toy doll slamming her into the floor’

Solace and her friends are coming to age in the most fantastic way! Sequel to Solace and Grief this urban fiction takes the reader to unimaginable realms, heartache, turmoil and a rollercoaster of emotions only a teenager can relate to. The Key to Starveldt offers puzzling prophecies, secrets all unspoken and adolescence angst which makes this urban fantasy a page turner from the very first line. Follow Vampire Solace and her friends on an unexpected adventure that will transport one to another world. Like the characters the reader won’t know what to expect next!

The Key to Starveldt does have low grade language and innuendos throughout so if your fifteen year old is on the youngish side it may be best to read this tale first and decide whether it is suitable. However this story is fast paced with strong characters and a surprise ending. Recommended reading!

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